We supply materials including the following:


Cheesecloth is one of the must commonly used materials at trade fairs and exhibitions. This can be attributed mainly to its excellent price-quality ratio. Cheesecloth weighs approx. 75 g/m² and is slightly transparent. The colours white and ecru are especially popular, but we also have eight other colours for cheesecloth. We can supply seamless cheesecloth up to a width of 1200 cm. Cheesecloth can be supplied both fire-resistant and non-fire-resistant.


As well as cheesecloth, flannel is another material that is often used at trade fairs and exhibitions. It is an attractive, dense material made of 100% cotton and is often used for ceilings and walls. Flannel weighs approx. 150 g/m² and is available in two widths: 130 cm and 310 cm. The quality of 130 cm in width is available in more than 70 colours. The 310 cm width collection comprises 28 colours and is always fire-resistant.


Cotton is available in 22 colours and is fire-resistant as standard. The width is 150 cm.

Drop paper

We can supply drop paper in 14 colours and in four different widths (80, 120, 160 and 240 cm.). Drop paper lends itself extremely well to printing.


As well as the 'natural' colour, jute is also available in various colours. The standard width is 130 cm.

Cotton cloth

We have various types of cotton cloth, such as GL55, GL7 (grass linen), nessel (approx. 140 g/m²) and shirting (approx. 220 g/m²). The various cotton cloths are available in several widths.

Lacquer foil

Lacquer foil is made of PVC and has a glossy appearance. It is fire-resistant and is available in 44 colours. The width of lacquer foil is 130 cm.


The material Modena is made of Polyester Taft. It is available in 31 colours and weighs approx. 90 g/m². Modena is 150 cm in width.


Rips is available in more than 50 colours. The width of rips is 120 cm.


Smoke-out is a specially developed cloth for sprinkler systems. The cloth is fitted with a 'fuse wire' along the length approx. every 35 cm. This fuse wire melts at a temperature of approx. 70° C. The cloth is fire-resistant and has a width of 280 cm. It is available in white, black and anthracite.

Sprinkler cloth

Sprinkler cloth is fire-resistant and is available in black, white and a number of other colours. It weighs approx. 60 g/m². It is available in widths of 3 and 5 metres.


Stretch is available in many colours and qualities. The most diverse and special models can be upholstered with this article.


There are various tulle types, such as Carrétule and Gobelintule. The big advantage is that a number of types are available with a width of 12 metres, and sometimes even broader.

Black-out cloth

Black-out cloth is extra thick (approx. 315 g/m²) and therefore does not allow light to penetrate. It is fire-resistant and is available in black and white and seven other colours.


Voile is a net-curtain type material.
It is available in various colours with a width of approx. 300 cm.


In any colour you require, and possible for many qualities.
The delivery time for dying is 3 – 4 weeks.

Other materials

We do of course also have many other materials available. Please feel free to contact us for an appointment so that we can show you our materials and give you advice.
For more information, such as applying for samples, pattern cards and a price list, please send an e-mail to: info@tetos.nl.